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Anatomy of a Call Sheet: Watch a 1st Assistant Director Describe Her Checklist

Anatomy of a Call Sheet: Watch a 1st Assistant Director Describe Her Checklist


Call sheets: You know they’re important for keeping your production in order every day. But before you distribute them to your entire crew, are you forgetting to include anything?

In the following video, shot in partnership with the production management app StudioBinder, 1st AD Alex Stein breaks down the structure of a well-written call sheet. Watch it to learn what to list, and where to place it on the document.

Here’s Stein’s checklist of essential call sheet components.

1. Name of your production

2. Date of the shoot and what day you’re on

3. All major contact information (director, producer, UPM, production coordinator, ADs, etc.)

4. Weather conditions and temperature

5. Notes on parking

6. Location address(es)

7. Miscellaneous section on special props, stunts, effects, and general notes, like whether the set is open/closed, smoking/non-smoking, etc.

8. Complete schedule breakdown (load in, scene numbers, lunch, company moves, etc.) with descriptions (day/night shot, length in page count, which talent are in each scene, special props, etc.)

9. Total page count for the day

10. Talent list with cast numbers, names, roles, call times and specific notes

11. Background talent list

12. Location of the nearest hospital with an emergency center

13. Walkie channels

And don’t forget: Mealtime is always six hours after general crew call. MM

For more information on StudioBinder, visit the official website. Featured image from “Learning to Drive,” photographed by Melissa Marshall.

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